NorthWord, A Literary Journal of Canada's North: the Whispers Edition:


Cover by Carol Breen

Issue Editor Kitty Cochrane

Barbara Madden 'Midnight mists' encaustic on wood panel 14 x 18 inches.jpg

Midnight Mists, 18” x 24” encaustic on wood panel, published in NorthWord Whispers Edition



Hush, said the otter to the mouse

Eyes a glimmer, whiskers twitching

Tails poised, keening with anticipation


As all the while the waves whispered stories of long forgotten glories

Wild and windswept tales of ships lost and moonlit dancing


A twirl within the light

A lap against a leg

A lip brushed hollow on a long arched neck




And Sway


Rippling, gurgling, glitter


The crash sounds far away, long ago and yesterday





Lapping, slickly listing, whispers

published in NorthWord Whispers Edition

4 - Hush illustration black and white_ Barbara Madden.jpg

18’ X 24'‘ watercolour and pastel illustration inspired by Hush, not part of NorthWord


NorthWord, A literary journal of Canada's north: the Say What You Mean Edition:

Cover art by Caitlin (Cat) Hare  issue Editor Liana Wheeldon

Cover art by Caitlin (Cat) Hare

issue Editor Liana Wheeldon

say what you mean 1500 pixels wide.jpg

Spanning Divides or Shattering Foundations, 24” x 30” encaustic mixed media, black and white version published in NorthWord Say What You Mean Edition

alice and mittens cover image.jpg

A story of curiosity, adventure, friendship and the wonder of the natural world.  An accessible introduction to STEM concepts with a strong female protagonist.

Illustrated with original paintings created using acrylic, oil and encaustic mediums; not published.

Image 5.jpg

"He wanted to look like a cat with some clout,

so Alice painted him with his tongue sticking out”.                                                                                                                                           -excerpt from Alice and Mittens