Intercostal Calm, 24” by 32” encaustic on wood panel


A Study in Strength, 40” by 60” encaustic on wood panel


Glorious Gluteus Maximus, 36” by 36” encaustic mixed media on wood panel

midnight mists.jpg

Midnight Mists, 14” by 18" encaustic mixed media on wood panel, sold


Glimpses of Wood Nymphs, 6 - 6” by 6” encaustic mixed media on wood panels, sold


Midnight Musings, 14” by 18” etching and encaustic on wood panel


Just Beneath the Surface:

While I was working on the series of transformative women, I started to focus on the underlying anatomy that creates our outer forms.

I became fascinated with the idea that we all have this inner core of bones, muscles, tendons and tissues, which are fibrous and tenacious and utterly inspiring.  While most of us appear soft on the outside, if you look a little deeper, just beneath the surface there is this amazing strength.