Transformation_Barbara Madden_web.jpg

Transformation, 18” by 24” encaustic on wood panel, sold


Mnemosyne, 24” by 48” encaustic on wood panel, sold


Lioness, 24” by 48” encaustic mixed media on wood panel

Barbara Madden 'Ice' encaustic on wood panel 48 x 72 inches copy.jpg

Ice, 40” by 60” encaustic mixed media on wood panel, sold


Metamorphosis, 36” by 36” encaustic mixed media on wood panel, sold, inspired by Bernini’s Daphne


Emerging from Tidal Mists, 18” by 24” encaustic on wood panel, sold


Eve, No Regrets, 24” by 48" encaustic on wood panel, sold

Transformative Encaustics:

Creating these works has felt like a journey through a sort of alternative perspective of space and time.  Meandering within landscapes of seaweed and mists, rustling leaves and softly whispered stories.  As I wandered, I painted, one layer at a time and gradually these somewhat otherworldly beings emerged.

I’m using an ancient and organic encaustic painting process that involves beeswax, tree sap, pigment and the wonderfully luminous secretions of the female lac bug.  All of these elements are fused together with very high heat, and in the process the elements flow, their forms alter and mingle together, and it’s always surprising.

In these paintings, I’m endeavoring to capture moments in time representing personal growth, aspirations and metamorphosis.